Birrong Girls High School

Ad Astra - To the stars

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Student representative council


The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Birrong Girls High is a group of students who are democratically elected by their peers to represent students in all aspects of school life.

Students are elected for their positive commitment to school life as they endeavour to be excellent role models to their fellow students in conduct, dress, work and attendance.

Students hold their positions for a period of two years.

The areas of focus for the Student Representative Council are student leadership, community interaction and the ongoing support of various organisations. They are involved in raising funds for a number of charities that include Stewart House and 40 Hour Famine. The Student Representative Council also continues to support the school's sponsor child, Sabina, in Tanzania. The school has been supporting Sabina since 2005 and it has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for the students to see the excellent academic progress that she has made. This has strengthened the sense of community spirit for all students.

Members of the Student Representative Council are also given the opportunity to represent the school at various conferences and further develop their leadership skills as well as provide new insight into ways on how our school can be enriched further. As members of the Student Representative Council, they also represent the school at public events such as the International Women's Day Breakfast.

The Student Representative Council is also responsible for the catering of Parent-Teacher functions.

The Student Representative Council aims to promote the school values and motto " Ad Astra-  aim for the stars- and students continue to maintain a tradition of being excellent ambassadors for the school.