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Environmental Team

The 2011 Birrong Girls Environmental Team is an enthusiastic team that helps save the earth many ways. This year we have held a wide variety of fundraisers including an Earth Hour stall selling mini torches, candles and cupcakes. We have also shown videos and have had talks at the assemblies to try and educate students about looking after the environment. This year we have had a huge show of hands volunteering to be a part of our team ranging from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11.

Becoming an environmental team member is very rewarding in many ways. While the older members of the Environmental Team have been addressing more serious issues, the Year 7 members have been taking care of the frog pond. We have been doing things like making sure the pond is always topped up with water, making sure nobody is annoying the tadpoles and most importantly making sure that there is never any rubbish in the pond. Older members of the team have been putting stickers on the rubbish bins telling people what to put in them and making sure we have enough bins around the school.

If you would like to join us in our Earth saving missions all you have to do is turn up to meetings on Mondays and help by coming up with fundraising ideas and by raising awareness on environmental issues.

Written by Hayley Brisenden (Environmental Team member from Year 7)