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Economics (Years 11 and 12)

Economic decisions have a crucial influence on the quality of life experienced by people throughout the world. The study of economics can help individuals, groups and societies make choices that assist them to improve their quality of life. Economics has a theoretical basis but relies heavily on healthy discussion in the classroom to assist students to form opinions, values and attitudes on a wide variety of issues. The perspectives of economic issues communicated by the media and politicians are considered in this context.

As a subject, Economics in Years 11 and 12 is distinctive because of the range of problems and issues that it investigates and the skills that it develops. A study of our course outline will show that our course is current and has an Australian focus. These two elements increase the understanding and enjoyment experienced by our students.

Discussion of economic issues dominates the media and politics. By understanding economics, students can make informed judgements about issues and policies and participate responsibly in decision-making. Students who study economics will see close relationships with their study in alternate areas such as business, accounting and finance, media, law, marketing, employment relations, tourism, history, geography or environmental studies.


The study of Economics in Years 11 and 12 allows students to develop knowledge and understanding, skills, attitudes and values using subject matter and methodology that suits their interests. The course benefits students when they pursue further     education and training, employment and active participation as citizens.


In Years 11 and 12 Students will study the following   topics:


Economics Course  Outline



  • Introduction to Economics
  • Consumers and Business Markets
  • Labour Markets
  • Financial Markets
  • Governments in the Economy
  • Australia's Place in the Economy
  • Economic Issues
  • Economic Policies and Management

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